Tube Closures

Lightweight or Heavy-Duty, Badger Plug has a Tube Closure for the Job

Shipping in tubes? Badger Plug manufactures tube closures for any application. Plastic Tube Closures have strong “gripping ridges” for a secure fit. Heavy-duty Metal Closures hold tight with “anchor” grips. Wood Closures feature tapered edges for easy insertion.

Plastic Tube Closures

  • Plastic Closures through 10″ diameter
  • Extra-strong construction for added protection
  • Special colors available

Metal Tube Closures

  • Metal Closures through 12″ diameter
  • Ideal for medium or heavy-duty applications
  • Various gauges to meet your specific applications
  • Anchors lock into core

Wood Tube Closures

  • Wood Closures through 60″ diameter
  • Non-standard and heavy-duty applications
  • Various wood types and thicknesses available