Double Core Plugs

Available in extra deep, cone-shaped and extra-strength models, double core plugs from Badger Plug give you the ability to securely stack rolls on pallets for safer shipping and storage. With available custom solutions and stock plugs in 2 ¾” to 8”, Badger Plug can design and manufacture double core plugs to meet your exact needs.

  • Reduces packaging costs & shipping weight
  • Optimizes storage space
  • Faster loading & unloading
  • Stock and custom solutions

Browse Double Core Plugs from our Online Catalog

View our in-stock products below. Select the item for additional details. If you do not see what you need, contact us and we can assist you.

ImageCategory/Item #Outside Diameter FlangeOutside Diameter PlugOutside Diameter LugsInside Diameter HoleOverall HeightColorMaterialhf:att:pa_materialhf:att:pa_outside-diameter-flange
Double Core Plug:  0030232
Double Core Plug: 00302323.39"2.935"No LugsNo Hole3.15"MixedPlasticplastic3-39
Double Core Plug:  0030692
Double Core Plug: 00306923.53"2.99"3.03"0.895"2.7"BlackPlasticplastic3-53
Double Core Plug:  003072
Double Core Plug: 0030723.34"2.89"2.95"1.1"1.53"MixedPlasticplastic3-34
Double Core Plug:  0030755
Double Core Plug: 00307553.4"2.93"No Lugs1.5"1.74"BlackPlasticplastic3-4
Double Core Plug:  003076
Double Core Plug: 0030763.4"2.915"No LugsNo Hole2.93"BlackPlasticplastic3-4
Double Core Plug:  006035
Double Core Plug: 0060356.4"5.94"No Lugs4.5"2.72"MixedPlasticplastic6-4
Double Core Plug:  602910
Double Core Plug: 6029103.62"2.97"No Lugs2.265"4"Paperpaper3-62
Double Core Plug:  602920
Double Core Plug: 6029203.62"2.97"No Lugs2.265"6"Paperpaper3-62
Double Core Plug:  605907
Double Core Plug: 6059076.813"5.98"No Lugs5.015"6"Paperpaper6-813
Double Core Plug:  002880
Double Core Plug: 0028803.4"2.71"No Lugs0.90"2.75"Plasticplastic3-4
Double Core Plug:  0060225
Double Core Plug: 00602256.43"5.93"No Lugs2.88"Plasticplastic6-43

Custom Manufacturing Services

After more than 85 years in the business, we understand that a one-size-fits-all solution doesn’t work for everyone. With in-house expert design and engineering services, Badger Plug will create the custom product protection solutions you need.
  • Custom Wood Manufacturing

  • Metal Stamping

  • Plastic Injection Molding

  • Design & Engineering

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