Steel Core Plugs

Steel Core Plugs

Stamped to exacting standards and available in a wide array of sizes for lightweight and heavy-duty applications, standard and custom cold rolled steel and tinplate core plugs by Badger Plug provide maximum product protection.

  • Standard Plugs Ready to Ship Immediately
  • 1" through 12" diameters
  • Lugged and No-Lug, Flanged and Flangeless
  • Standard/Special Holes
  • Bottomless, Extra Deep & Anchored
  • Custom-Engineered Solutions

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View our in-stock products below. Select the item for additional details. If you do not see what you need, contact us and we can assist you.

name:Category/Item #
ImageCategory/Item #Outside Diameter FlangeOutside Diameter PlugOutside Diameter LugsInside Diameter HoleOverall HeightColorMaterialhf:att:pa_outside-diameter-flange
Core Plug:  303010
Core Plug: 3030103.56"2.99"3.065"1.055"1"Steel3-56
Core Plug:  303023
Core Plug: 3030233.63"3"3.09"1.05"1.18"Steel3-63
Core Plug:  303039
Core Plug: 3030393.85"2.975"3.09"1.03"1.58"Steel3-85
Core Plug:  304000
Core Plug: 3040004.64"4"4.06"1"1.02"Steel4-64
Core Plug:  304010
Core Plug: 3040104.64"4"4.06"No Hole1.02"Steel4-64
Core Plug:  305010
Core Plug: 3050105.6"4.98"5.035"1.75"1.08"Steel5-6
Core Plug:  305650
Core Plug: 305650No Flange5.06"5.16"1.03"1.2"Steelno-flange
Core Plug:  306005
Core Plug: 306005No Flange5.97"6.04"1.04"1.1"Steelno-flange
Core Plug:  306011
Core Plug: 3060116.55"6.01"6.1"1.76"1.01"Steel6-55
Core Plug:  306020
Core Plug: 3060206.79"5.99"6.05"1.035"1.34"Steel6-79
Core Plug:  306040
Core Plug: 3060407"6"6.09"1.76"1.3"Steel7
Core Plug:  308000
Core Plug: 3080008.7"8.01"8.08"1.03"1.135"Steel8-7
Core Plug:  310000
Core Plug: 31000010.6"9.965"10.175"2.04"1.17"Steel10-6

Custom Manufacturing Services

After more than 85 years in the business, we understand that a one-size-fits-all solution doesn’t work for everyone. With in-house expert design and engineering services, Badger Plug will create the custom product protection solutions you need.
  • Custom Wood Manufacturing

  • Metal Stamping

  • Plastic Injection Molding

  • Design & Engineering

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Badger Plug Introduces High-Density Particle Board Core Plugs

Badger Plug now offers core plugs made from High-Density Particle Board. This tougher material protects large, heavy rolls in demanding applications.

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