Better Products, Better for the Environment

Lots of roll protection products end up in landfills when they don’t have to. Badger Plug recycles and pays for bulk quantities of roll protection products that can be re-sold as used packaging. This saves you warehouse space and disposal costs while protecting the environment.


Used in our H-Pack System, the innovative roll suspension and protection solution.

Clips & Channels

H and U Channels and Clips from our H-Pack Systems suspension products.

Sleeve Plugs

Plastic Sleeve Plugs from the H-Pack System, available in a wide array of stock & custom sizes.

Film Pallets & Skids

Film pallets and skids are inspected, sorted, counted, labeled and banded for reuse.

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Built Badger Tough

Since 1931, Badger Plug has been creating the strongest roll protection and suspension solutions - or, as we say, solutions that are Badger Tough. What does it mean to be Badger Tough?
Never Compromise on Quality
Always Provide Maximum Protection
Never Stop Innovating
Always Focus on Adding Value

Why Choose Badger Plug?

1. Innovative Solutions Provider

Our number one goal is to provide maximum protection for your products. We do this by constantly innovating new core plug, endboard, tube closure, sleeve & pad plugs, spool components and other products that defend your products during shipping, storage and more.

2. Experienced & Knowledgeable

When we began manufacturing our first wood core plugs in a tiny brick building more than 90 years ago, we made it our mission to create the best product protection products on the market. The industry has changed a lot since then, but our mission hasn’t.

3. Dedicated Account Management

Our dedication to quality doesn’t end with our products. We offer dedicated account management to our clients, providing the best customer support and personalized order and design assistance in the industry. It’s this collaborative spirit that allows us to create better protection solutions.

4. Made in America

We proudly craft all our roll protection and roll suspension products in the U.S.A., using good-old American ingenuity and hardworking midwestern skill and persistence. We feel this elevates the quality of our products, providing you with better product protection.

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