Pad Plugs

Pad Plugs

Badger Plug's single unit plastic pad plugs are the easiest and most economic way to suspend small and medium rolls, protecting them during shipping and storage — ideal for dispensing roll products directly from the box.

  • Durable, One-Piece Construction
  • Stackable, Designed for Box Dispensing
  • Stock Sizes up to 16" Square
  • Variety of Strengths
  • Custom-Engineered Solutions

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View our in-stock products below. Select the item for additional details. If you do not see what you need, contact us and we can assist you.

ImageCategory/Item #Outside Diameter PlugOutside Diameter LugsInside Diameter HoleOverall HeightColorMaterialhf:att:pa_materialhf:att:pa_outside-diameter-flange
Pad Plug:  103003
Pad Plug: 1030031.235"No LugsNo Hole1.22"BlackPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  103010
Pad Plug: 1030101.25"No LugsNo Hole1.225"BlackPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  103015
Pad Plug: 1030151.985"No LugsNo Hole0.95"NaturalPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  104041
Pad Plug: 1040411.99"No LugsNo Hole1"BlackPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  104050
Pad Plug: 1040501.99"No LugsNo Hole1"NaturalPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  104054
Pad Plug: 1040542.97"No LugsNo Hole1.625"BlackPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  104055
Pad Plug: 1040552.97"No LugsNo Hole1.625"NaturalPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  105022
Pad Plug: 1050221.51"No LugsNo Hole1.215"BlackPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  105510
Pad Plug: 1055101.98"No LugsNo Hole0.99"NaturalPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  105511
Pad Plug: 1055111.98"No LugsNo Hole0.99"BlackPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  105530
Pad Plug: 1055302.97"No LugsNo Hole1.625"BlackPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  1055323
Pad Plug: 10553232.21"No LugsNo Hole1.19"BlackPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  105871
Pad Plug: 1058711.935"No LugsNo Hole1.625"BlackPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  105880
Pad Plug: 1058802.968"No LugsNo Hole1.63"NaturalPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  105883
Pad Plug: 1058832.968"No LugsNo Hole1.63"BlackPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  105890
Pad Plug: 1058902.96"3.04"No Hole1.63"MixedPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  105900
Pad Plug: 1059002.96"3.04"No Hole1.63"NaturalPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  106374
Pad Plug: 1063742.965"No Lugs1.475"1.5"BlackPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  106505
Pad Plug: 1065052.95"3.035"2.37"2.75"NaturalPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  106507
Pad Plug: 1065073"3.055"2.21"2.78"BlackPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  107010
Pad Plug: 1070102.94"3.015"2.4"2.65"BlackPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  107120
Pad Plug: 1071202.97"No LugsNo Hole1.75"BlackPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  107125
Pad Plug: 1071252.94"3.05"No Hole1.59"MixedPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  107703
Pad Plug: 1077032.96"No LugsNo Hole3.38"BlackPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  107713
Pad Plug: 1077132.95"3.01"2.275"2.563"NaturalPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  108010
Pad Plug: 1080102.92"3.02"2.4"2.75"MixedPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  108011
Pad Plug: 1080112.92"3.02"2.4"2.75"BlackPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  108015
Pad Plug: 1080152.96"3"1.455"1.5"MixedPlasticplastic
Pad Plug: 1080262.94"3.015"2.395"2.76"NaturalPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  108027
Pad Plug: 1080272.94"3.015"2.395"2.76"NaturalPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  108028
Pad Plug: 1080282.94"3.015"2.395"2.76"MixedPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  1092001
Pad Plug: 10920012.96"No LugsNo Hole3.375"NaturalPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  109500
Pad Plug: 1095002.91"3.025"2.37"3.35"NaturalPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  109520
Pad Plug: 1095202.91"3.025"2.37"3.35"MixedPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  109523
Pad Plug: 1095232.97"3.02"2.37"3.35"NaturalPlasticplastic
Pad Plug: 1095242.97"3.02"2.37"3.35"NaturalPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  109529
Pad Plug: 1095292.97"3.02"2.37"3.35"MixedPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  1104003
Pad Plug: 11040032.97"No LugsNo Hole3.33"BlackPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  110500
Pad Plug: 1105002.91"3.01"1.5"1.65"NaturalPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  110520
Pad Plug: 1105202.91"3.01"1.5"1.65"MixedPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  112003
Pad Plug: 1120032.97"No Lugs2.55"3.43"BlackPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  112010
Pad Plug: 1120102.92"3.02"1.475"3.375"NaturalPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  112015
Pad Plug: 1120152.92"3.03"1.48"3.4"NaturalPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  112018
Pad Plug: 1120182.91"3.02"2.4"3.375"NaturalPlasticplastic
Pad Plug: 1120192.91"3.02"2.4"3.375"NaturalPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  112020
Pad Plug: 1120202.92"3.02"1.475"3.375"MixedPlasticplastic
Pad Plug: 1120252.92"3.02"1.475"3.375"MixedPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  112036
Pad Plug: 1120365.95"No Lugs5.47"4.5"NaturalPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  1134002
Pad Plug: 11340022.965"No LugsNo Hole3.46"BlackPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  114310
Pad Plug: 1143102.91"3.04"1.505"3.188"MixedPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  114320
Pad Plug: 1143202.91"3.04"1.505"3.188"NaturalPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  114330
Pad Plug: 1143302.93"3.04"2.37"3.25"NaturalPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  115300
Pad Plug: 1153002.86"3.02"2.41"3.25"NaturalPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  116300
Pad Plug: 1163002.9"3.025"1.5"3.25"MixedPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  116301
Pad Plug: 1163012.9"3.025"1.5"3.25"NaturalPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  116302
Pad Plug: 1163022.9"3.025"1.5"3.25"MixedPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  116310
Pad Plug: 1163102.9"3.025"1.5"3.25"NaturalPlasticplastic
Pad Plug: 1163155.95"6.04"4.5"3.2"BlackPlasticplastic
Modular Pad Plug:  119010
Modular Pad Plug: 1190106.025"No Lugs5.425"4"NaturalPlasticplastic

Custom Manufacturing Services

After more than 85 years in the business, we understand that a one-size-fits-all solution doesn’t work for everyone. With in-house expert design and engineering services, Badger Plug will create the custom product protection solutions you need.
  • Custom Wood Manufacturing

  • Metal Stamping

  • Plastic Injection Molding

  • Design & Engineering

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