Pad Plugs

Badger Plug's single unit plastic pad plugs are the easiest and most economic way to suspend small and medium rolls, protecting them during shipping and storage — ideal for dispensing roll products directly from the box.

  • Durable, One-Piece Construction
  • Stackable, Designed for Box Dispensing
  • Stock Sizes up to 16" Square
  • Variety of Strengths
  • Custom-Engineered Solutions

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View our in-stock products below. Select the item for additional details. If you do not see what you need, contact us and we can assist you.

ImageCategory/Item #Outside Diameter PlugOutside Diameter LugsInside Diameter HoleOverall HeightColorMaterialhf:att:pa_materialhf:att:pa_outside-diameter-flange
Pad Plug:  103003
Pad Plug: 1030031.235"No LugsNo Hole1.22"BlackPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  103010
Pad Plug: 1030101.25"No LugsNo Hole1.225"BlackPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  103015
Pad Plug: 1030151.985"No LugsNo Hole0.95"NaturalPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  104041
Pad Plug: 1040411.99"No LugsNo Hole1"BlackPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  104050
Pad Plug: 1040501.99"No LugsNo Hole1"NaturalPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  104054
Pad Plug: 1040542.97"No LugsNo Hole1.625"BlackPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  104055
Pad Plug: 1040552.97"No LugsNo Hole1.625"NaturalPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  105022
Pad Plug: 1050221.51"No LugsNo Hole1.215"BlackPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  105510
Pad Plug: 1055101.98"No LugsNo Hole0.99"NaturalPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  105511
Pad Plug: 1055111.98"No LugsNo Hole0.99"BlackPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  105530
Pad Plug: 1055302.97"No LugsNo Hole1.625"BlackPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  1055323
Pad Plug: 10553232.21"No LugsNo Hole1.19"BlackPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  105871
Pad Plug: 1058711.935"No LugsNo Hole1.625"BlackPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  105880
Pad Plug: 1058802.968"No LugsNo Hole1.63"NaturalPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  105883
Pad Plug: 1058832.968"No LugsNo Hole1.63"BlackPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  105890
Pad Plug: 1058902.96"3.04"No Hole1.63"MixedPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  105900
Pad Plug: 1059002.96"3.04"No Hole1.63"NaturalPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  106374
Pad Plug: 1063742.965"No Lugs1.475"1.5"BlackPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  106505
Pad Plug: 1065052.95"3.035"2.37"2.75"NaturalPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  106507
Pad Plug: 1065073"3.055"2.21"2.78"BlackPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  107010
Pad Plug: 1070102.94"3.015"2.4"2.65"BlackPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  107120
Pad Plug: 1071202.97"No LugsNo Hole1.75"BlackPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  107125
Pad Plug: 1071252.94"3.05"No Hole1.59"MixedPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  107703
Pad Plug: 1077032.96"No LugsNo Hole3.38"BlackPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  107713
Pad Plug: 1077132.95"3.01"2.275"2.563"NaturalPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  108010
Pad Plug: 1080102.92"3.02"2.4"2.75"MixedPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  108015
Pad Plug: 1080152.96"3"1.455"1.5"MixedPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  108026
Pad Plug: 1080262.94"3.015"2.395"2.76"NaturalPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  108027
Pad Plug: 1080272.94"3.015"2.395"2.76"NaturalPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  108028
Pad Plug: 1080282.94"3.015"2.395"2.76"MixedPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  1092001
Pad Plug: 10920012.96"No LugsNo Hole3.375"NaturalPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  109500
Pad Plug: 1095002.91"3.025"2.37"3.35"NaturalPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  109520
Pad Plug: 1095202.91"3.025"2.37"3.35"MixedPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  109523
Pad Plug: 1095232.97"3.02"2.37"3.35"NaturalPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  109524
Pad Plug: 1095242.97"3.02"2.37"3.35"NaturalPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  109529
Pad Plug: 1095292.97"3.02"2.37"3.35"MixedPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  1104003
Pad Plug: 11040032.97"No LugsNo Hole3.33"BlackPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  110500
Pad Plug: 1105002.91"3.01"1.5"1.65"NaturalPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  110520
Pad Plug: 1105202.91"3.01"1.5"1.65"MixedPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  112003
Pad Plug: 1120032.97"No Lugs2.55"3.43"BlackPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  112010
Pad Plug: 1120102.92"3.02"1.475"3.375"NaturalPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  112015
Pad Plug: 1120152.92"3.03"1.48"3.4"NaturalPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  112018
Pad Plug: 1120182.91"3.02"2.4"3.375"NaturalPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  112019
Pad Plug: 1120192.91"3.02"2.4"3.375"NaturalPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  112020
Pad Plug: 1120202.92"3.02"1.475"3.375"MixedPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  112025
Pad Plug: 1120252.92"3.02"1.475"3.375"MixedPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  112036
Pad Plug: 1120365.95"No Lugs5.47"4.5"NaturalPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  1134002
Pad Plug: 11340022.965"No LugsNo Hole3.46"BlackPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  114310
Pad Plug: 1143102.91"3.04"1.505"3.188"MixedPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  114320
Pad Plug: 1143202.91"3.04"1.505"3.188"NaturalPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  114330
Pad Plug: 1143302.93"3.04"2.37"3.25"NaturalPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  115300
Pad Plug: 1153002.86"3.02"2.41"3.25"NaturalPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  116300
Pad Plug: 1163002.9"3.025"1.5"3.25"MixedPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  116301
Pad Plug: 1163012.9"3.025"1.5"3.25"NaturalPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  116302
Pad Plug: 1163022.9"3.025"1.5"3.25"MixedPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  116310
Pad Plug: 1163102.9"3.025"1.5"3.25"NaturalPlasticplastic
Pad Plug:  116315
Pad Plug: 1163155.95"6.04"4.5"3.2"BlackPlasticplastic
Modular Pad Plug:  119010
Modular Pad Plug: 1190106.025"No Lugs5.425"4"NaturalPlasticplastic

Custom Manufacturing Services

After more than 85 years in the business, we understand that a one-size-fits-all solution doesn’t work for everyone. With in-house expert design and engineering services, Badger Plug will create the custom product protection solutions you need.
  • Custom Wood Manufacturing

  • Metal Stamping

  • Plastic Injection Molding

  • Design & Engineering

Badger Plug News & Events

March 4, 2024

Troy Hoehne joins Badger Plug as Vice President of Sales

Badger Plug is excited to announce the addition of Troy Hoehne to our executive team as Vice President of Sales. With an extensive career in manufacturing sales and leadership, Troy will play an integral part in supporting our customer base and increasing new business and growth.
January 17, 2024

Badger Plug at Converters Expo on April 18

Converters Expo is coming to Lambeau Field in Green Bay. Join Badger Plug on April 18 as we will be exhibiting in Booth 210 located on the Atrium Level. Now in its 17th year, Converters Expo attracts hundreds of converters looking to find manufacturing partners, discover the latest testing and prototyping equipment, network with producers of disposables, and learn the latest in printing and packaging. As an exhibitor, we are excited to show off a wide array of Badger Plug products and solutions once again at this year’s event.
April 28, 2021

Badger Plug at 90: Humble Beginnings

It was 1931, just two years after the stock market crashed, sending the U.S. into the Great Depression. The country had gone dry thanks to prohibition […]

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