The Reel-in-a-Box System designed for Cable Makers by Cable Makers

Easy-Reel is the preferred packaging solution. It’s the proven system for simple, tangle-free cable dispensing right out of the box.

An Easy-Reel package always dispenses cable or wire without tangling or coiling. No more expensive winding equipment or special spool stands. It makes cable installation so easy — contractors go out of their way to purchase product sold with Easy-Reel packaging.

Give your product added value!

Cable and wire sales are competitive enough! Increase brand loyalty with a better product package. Easy-Reel is completely self-contained and easy to use.

  • Minimize shipping and storage costs
  • Various stock sizes available
  • Custom packaging available to fit any product
  • Economical packaging designs
  • Easily integrated into any packaging operation


Easy Reel SystemEasy Reel System