Spools/Spool Components

With Badger Spool Components, Spooling is Fast, Easy and Economical

Our unique Spool Plug designs in both plastic and metal provide a strong grip and superior fit. Badger’s broad custom manufacturing capabilities produce high quality Spool Ends in any shape or size to meet your specific requirements.

Spool Plugs

  • Self-locking plugs secure spool ends to the core
  • Anti-spin lugs prevent plug rotation during chucking in high-torque applications
  • Various center holes and drive holes available
  • Plastic and metal models in sizes through 12″ dia.
  • Light to heavy-duty applications

Spool Ends and Cores

  • Wide range of shapes and sizes
  • Ends manufactured from high quality chipboard, hardboard, cardboard, plywood, particleboard and plastic
  • Clean, smooth surfaces
  • Ends and cores precision cut to your exact specifications
  • Assembled or KD
  • Custom machining available:
    • Bolt holes
    • Hand holes
    • Barrel grooves
    • Slots
    • Custom arrangements


The Easy-Reel wire dispenser in a box.
Easy-Reel™ Cable & Wire Packaging System
The proven system for simple, tangle-free
dispensing right out of the box.