Better Ideas in Roll Protection Since 1931

Badger Plug started manufacturing its first wood core plugs in 1931. The first “plant” was a small brick building situated on the banks of the Fox River in the city of Appleton, Wisconsin. Like the paper mills, Badger Plug tapped the power of the river to drive its industrial machinery. In this case, the machinery turned birch logs into wood core plugs.

Like today, wood plugs were used to keep cores of large paper rolls from crushing. Many mills in Wisconsin quickly became loyal Badger Plug customers, while other mills throughout the country had similar needs. Badger responded with increased production and wider distribution.

While the paper industry remained the primary customer base for many years, Badger Plug continued to develop new and innovative products for the expanding diversification of its customer base and their need for roll production solutions. In 1955, metal core plugs were introduced. Plastic core plugs followed in 1972.

By the 1990s, the company’s focus had evolved well beyond basic core plugs. Product design and development was clearly targeted toward “better ideas in roll protection.” Today, Badger Plug is the world’s largest provider of roll suspension and roll protection solutions, including Wood Core Plugs, Plastic Core Plugs, Metal Core Plugs, Wood Endboards and Sleeve Plugs, Plastic Pad Plugs, Wood Tube Closures, Metal Tube Closures and Anchor Spool Plugs adn Spool Components, along with quality components for secure roll packaging and unitizing. No one offers the in-depth experience, product selection and readily available inventory like Badger Plug.

According to Dan Voissem, Badger Plug president and third-generation owner, “Since 1931, the highest standards in quality, service and innovation have been the cornerstones to Badger Plug’s success. Looking forward, our game plan remains unchanged. Badger Plug strives to provide the best ideas in roll protection to customers worldwide.”